How to Remove Cinavia Protection

How to Remove Cinavia Protection

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If you have been searching in regards to how to remove Cinavia protection from your PS3 console, then you may be relieved to know that you are not the only doing so.

Searching the internet far and wide has unfortunately become an everyday process for thousands of PlayStation 3 users. And as a matter of fact, an alarming number of users have been searching for a Cinavia removal tool since the early months of 2010.

As many people already know all too well, Cinavia protection has rendered many of us unable to watch all sorts of video content on our PS3 consoles. And to set the record straight early on, I am not talking about illegal content here – I am talking about absolutely nothing but 100% legal content.

To outline the all too familiar examples of problems this protection causes; things such as pod casts and other digital downloads, and home movies that get burned to disc can not be viewed on the PS3.

Now, just by reading those two examples alone, you can clearly see why many people would have more than enough reason to want to learn how to remove Cinavia protection from their console.

But now, thankfully and fortunately enough, there is no reason to search the internet anymore for a removal tool. This is because software to remove Cinavia has [finally] been developed and is available to the entire world.

It never hurts to mention that aside from just being able to remove Cinavia protection, this software is actually both a harmless and a permanent solution. By harmless I mean that this software does not void the warranty on a console if applicable, and it does not affect PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts in absolutely any way.

As for a permanent solution; the reason this is proven to be a permanent solution is because, as odd as it is, the PlayStation 3 console never actually performs any type of scan to see if the Cinavia protection is installed or even enabled on it.

As a matter of fact, since Cinavia’s protection was applied to the PS3, one of these scans has never taken place.

To answer a few common questions that I seem to read online; no, this removal software does not require you to modify your console at all. And yes, by using this software you can quickly disable and remove Cinavia protection – and it actually requires a very small amount of user input.

If you’re interested in learning about who created and distributed Cinavia to the PS3, and the inner workings of the protection itself, you can do so here. You will also be able to access the page which hosts the Cinavia removal software.



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